Selected Publications

This paper describes the application of the flux-time product ignition criterion and the point source flame radiation model to predict the time to ignition in multiple vehicle spread scenarios. Ten experiments from the literature have been selected due to sufficiency of information required to apply the methods. The outcome of this work is to be applied to a risk-based model for the design of car parking buildings to determine when and if a fire spreads between vehicles; therefore, the analysis suggests properties of a representative material that can reasonably account for those external vehicle components that are most likely to ignite first. The application of both methods to the complex problem of multiple vehicle ignition requires several assumptions and simplifications which are discussed in the paper.

Current Research

Research projects for prospective postgraduate students (Master/PhD)

Fire Evacuation

Fire evacuation research focuses on topics such as human behaviour, building design, egress simulation etc.

Peatland Fires

Peatland fires lead to major economic losses, widespread health problems, and risks to biodiversity. They also significantly contribute to carbon emissions

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis for fire risk analysis/risk informed/probabilistic modelling

Zone Model Simulation

Zone Model Simulation research using B-RISK


I teach undergaduate courses and postgraduate courses. Here are the list of courses I have taught;

  • Engineering Mathematics 1 (ECC3001)
  • Chemical Process Laboratory II (ECH3904)
  • Chemical Process Laboratory III (ECH3905)
  • Pollution Control Engineering (ECH3501)
  • Dissertation Project course (ECH5988)
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (ECH5502)
  • Forensic Science (EAB5421)
  • Fire Safety Engineering and Regulations (EMM5201)


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